Sep 4, 2012

Online Hotel Booking Portal - A Must Step to Reduce Travelling Costs

Decades ago, we used to browse only the information and also some basic introduction of the places to visit with. Many years ago, we began to purchase flight tickets online, especially for the purpose to grab big deals from many budget airlines around the world. Nowadays, travelling could even save more by book your hotel online.

One of the leading brand in online hotels booking is Agoda. Agoda is currently mainly targeting the Asia Pacific Region countries. This could be clearly reflected by the company offices locations. As up of the date, the company has 12 offices in 12 cities, which located in Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Bali, Phuket, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, Manila, and 2 offices in China (Beijing and Shanghai).

There are many out there feel that Agoda is a Singaporean’s company, but in fact the company was originally founded by an American, who used to be in New York, but migrated to Thailand in 90s. Michael Kenny is the founder’s name. He was founded in late 1990s and added in 2003. The two sites were merged in year 2005 and rebranded as Agoda.

Agoda as stated in its slogan “Smarter Hotel Booking” offering you with over 180,000 choices of hotels, in more than 22,000 cities worldwide. Agoda mentioned in their website that they are trusted by over 4,000,000 satisfied customers. As such, by booking your hotel placement online, you could make a better choice, based on more than 3 million hotels’ reviews by other Agoda's customers.

Besides, Agoda also offers reward points for you to redeem your stay for free. Also, you may get 4% to 7% of rewards cash back on every booking. According to the company website, the company is currently processing more than 1000 free night’s redemptions by weekly basic. So, if you are now preparing for your next trip, please remember to utilize the online booking portal, as one of your trips’ saving researching purposes.

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